“Room service grew in popularity with the privileged guests of the Waldorf-Astoria in the 1930s and soon emerged as a standard for luxury excursions, and a plot device for tales of suspense and whimsy.”
— NY Times

Hotels lose money on room service.

High labor costs and low order volume have hotels shifting away from the in-room dining amenity.

Butler assists hotel owners by providing quality food & convenience items for their guests. Delivered fast, to their rooms with multiple payment options; including the hotel bill.


Serving the city that never sleeps

Founded and expanding in NYC.

Butler partners with major branded and independent properties to deliver an elevated experience.


Shaking Things Up



“An outlier in the world of hospitality startups, Butler Hospitality has a model that combines online ordering, data and branding with high-quality room service for hotels.

With its hometown customer base growing, it has an opportunity to bring the idea to other markets and take away a stressful item from already-busy properties.”