Hotel room service hasn't evolved since it was introduced in 1930.

Butler is changing that.

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Have you ordered room service lately?

Prices are high, quality is variable, and the experience could be better.

Enter Butler.


Hotels lose money on room service. High labor costs and low order volume have hotels shifting away from the in-room dining amenity. This is why the experience has not evolved.

Butler assists hotel owners by providing quality food & convenience items for guests. Delivered fast, to their rooms with multiple payment options; including the hotel bill.

Our Menu

Room service

Butler partners with hotel owners, management companies, and brands to provide in-room dining for their guests. All meals are made fresh to order and delivered fast. Guests can order food over the phone, text, or web (coming soon).

Ready to order? Call or text. 




Butler provides gourmet catering, beer, wine, and liquor (coming soon).

  • Meetings & events

  • Social functions

  • Hotel gifting & guest loyalty

  • Special requests

  • Private events


Founded and expanding in NYC. 

Butler partners with major branded and independent properties to deliver an elevated experience.


We have experienced cooks in our kitchens.

Founded by Tim Gjonbalic in 2016.

Jason runs operations, Tex builds tech, Terence cooks, Bryna designs, and Brooke critiques. 

Butler is hiring! Visit our Career Page to learn more. 

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